Petite Eyeglasses Frames For Women

If you have difficulty finding a nice selection of smaller eyeglasses, make a trip to Sudbury Eye Care. We have a large selection of fashionable quality eyewear for the mature petite woman.  Some of our petite brands we carry include Lily Pulitzer, Ellen Tracy Petites, OP, BCBG, Scott Harris and Steve MaddenWe carry eyeglasses, sunglasses, and sports protective eyewear with many stylish frames to choose from. 

The staff is trained to help choose a well fitting frame with smaller nose bridges, ear pieces and frame size. Frames can also be custom ordered in smaller sizes and various colors. Call the office to schedule an optical appointment for this unique fitting. It will be worth the trip!

This woman literally saved my eyesight. I was cleaning the toilets at work one day when I got bowl cleaner in my eye. My boss called the owner and she opened just for us. Tested my eye and rinsed it until the ph was correct. Apparently, toilet bowl cleaner can literally blind you, I may have lost the sight on one eye if it wasn’t for this doctor.

Lori T. — Google