Concussion Discussion

I just completed a course in CDC HEADS UP concussion assessment for physicians created by the CDC for parents, coaches and the medical profession. For a child to participate in a school sport, the parent educational video is mandated by the Sudbury Public Schools. Hurray for Sudbury!    

Here is my review of the video. It is a necessary course for parents of all ages. It reviews the signs and symptoms of a concussion, on field protocol and at home healing times. It allows the parent to continue to assess their child at home and understand why the coach, physician and teachers may choose to limit certain activities. What I would like to add, as an Optometrist for 20 years, are the visual defects that frequently occur secondary to a concussion. Many times I have seen a healthy child fail my near vision testing or struggle with fluent eye muscle movement for several months post concussion. This severely affects their ability to read, remember and learn in school. 

  When a young brain is injured, even for a short period, there is a cascade of events that can lead to sensory, balance, psychological and sleep changes.  The visual system is at the center of these systems and should be evaluated by the child’s Optometrist, as well as the physician. There is a reason a child should have an eye exam every two years and it has nothing to do with glasses. Establishing a baseline of their visual function and eye health allows us to detect changes if an injury does occur. Some of the recommendations may include reading glasses, limited school work, vision therapy and coordination with the school resources. 

To review the videos visit and make sure to include a visit to the eye doctor if a child has a concussion.

Dr. L. As I call her is the best around! I have a very difficult prescription and schedule. She not only figured out my prescription which has two levels but, she also spent a long time trying to assist me in wearing contacts.  Even though we thought this was impossible she tried for me anyway.  Dr. Smith is very accommodating. I am never rushed when I am there.  I also have great frames thanks to her as well! Ask to see her adult line if she does a trunk show. Dr L does both pediatric and adult eye care and is well worth the trip if you aren’t from Sudbury !!!
Thank you Dr. L for the great care!!

Gerry C. — Yelp