Children’s Eye Care

Did you know that your children should have their first eye screening in the first 12 months?  A second exam at 2 years?  And then an exam every 2 years?

Eye care is a critical part of chidren’s health care.  By helping your child see better, you can help them feel more comfortable, be more confident, and do better in school and sports.

A child’s learning is directly affected by their vision.  When a child has difficulty seeing their environment clearly, there is a high risk they will become delayed in their development.   Regular eye exams are also essential for the early identification and treatment of many medical conditions.  Click here for important information about eye exams, vision screenings, and children’s vision health.

If your child has vision problems, it may not be obvious.  It is very common for children’s vision problems to go unnoticed by the parent – and the pediatrician – until the child is much older.  An optometrist is trained to notice eye muscle imbalances, unusual prescriptions, and medical conditions that can affect your child’s learning and their long-term health.

Dr. Labiento has extensive experience with pediatric eye care.  She can co-manage premature infants from the age of 4 months and up with the child’s retinal specialist, and can provide wellness vision assessments for toddlers and preschoolers.

As your child ages, Dr. Labiento can provide complete eye care including visual assessments, comprehensive eye exams, and children’s contact lenses for sports and school.

New: Children’s Optical At Sudbury Eye Care

Sudbury Eye Care is proud to have opened the only children’s optical in Metrowest Massachusetts.  We have a wide variety of great looking frames for kids (and petite adults) that we have hand-picked for their style and durability.  Click here for more information on the children’s optical.